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Peyton Kennedy, Ilana Schmidt, Sondra Anton

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The Future of Russia

Question: What does the future of Russia hold?

Answer: Me.  Move over Medvedev, Daddy’s home.  President Putin 2012, wassup wassup?

Thanks for keeping my seat warm, M.

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You must obey the law, always, not only when they grab you by your special place.
Vladimir Putin

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Venting Session

Okay, so here’s the thing.  I have this friend… well, sort of friend.  I like this guy and everything, and he was there during an important time in my life; but I think he was a misguided idiot.  You may have heard of him?  Yegor Gaidar, he’s the “genius” behind shock therapy.  (If he was a genius, I’m a genius x100000000000000)

So let’s get to the point: Gaidar, bless his heart, died around a year ago.  I did my fair share of mourning, even told some sob story about how “he will be deeply missed” to the press.  But the truth is, I’m glad the guy is gone!  Shock therapy was the biggest bunch of horse poo from Yeltsin’s time.  Don’t worry, once I came into power, that stuff was o-v-e-r.

Guilt is starting to stain my beautifully chiseled body.  Should I be more sympathetic for the guy?  We were friends once upon a time, but I can’t have the memory of guys like him take away attention from ME. ME, ME, ME. Is that so hard to ask?  I just wanna yell at people “GET OVER IT!” when they start to talk about his life, his death, blah blah blah blah.  Shock therapy was misguided, and so are people who think that he actually made a relevant contribution to Russia.

Yeah, I feel better.  Good bunk talk, guys.


P.S.: Here’s a picture of me shirtless on a horse, enjoy!

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My Ideers and Feelings

Hokay so I don’t rellay like di idea dat der is dis elite group of people who run around and control da rest of da people. Es nawt fair and es very undemocratic because no one is being elected and only de rich people get ze power. Es no good. Das nawt how we Russians shud work. Das nawt even communism if people aren’t all equal. In order to change de economy, ve need to make drastic reforms in de politics and way de government runs tings, which includes social aspects. 

Dis is especially de case for when we are deeling wit oder countries. We can’t hab de same people running de show because de all hab de same ideers.

I sink dat de shock terapy wood be good ideer because we need completely new way of doing tings and starting fresh. Out wit de old and in wit de new. In order to change ve need help from oder countries and hab dem invest in our country. Ve need to focus on liberalization, stabilization and privatization. Ve can no longer have state-owned monopolies. 

Des changes vill take long time and I don’t know who vill be able to make dem and how.